1. Contact me. You can do this by calling me at 719-337-6010.  Or you can fill in the contact me information sheet and I will get back to you ASAP. Or you can email me at Christian@321renovations.com
  2. I will need to meet with you to learn more about your project and get rough measurements.
  3. I will provide you with a free estimate of what the project is going to cost.
  4. Contract will be signed
  5. Project will start per terms written in the contract

Yes, you can buy your own supplies if you wish to do that. Or you can choose the items you want and I can pick them up or have them delivered. 

Call 719-337-6010, fill in the contact us form on this website, or email me at Christian@321 renovations.com

An allowance on a line item is usually for items and fixtures that have not yet been determined at the time of the estimate. Allowance means that I put in the contract an amount to cover the expected costs. If the items or fixtures costs are above the allowance, then a change order amount will be added to the cost. If the whole allowance is not needed, then you will not be charged the full allowance.

A change order is a change in the original contract. For example, if you decide to change the scope of the project then a change order is needed. Many other contractors do not spell everything out in their contracts and then do a lot of additional change orders costing you lots more money. I pride myself on minimal change orders. 

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